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      Shenzhen Tianma Complete Electrical Equipment Technology Co., LTD  Specialized production facilities of a switch, the design, installation of power distribution cabinets, and the parallel distribution cabinets low cabinet or console, control boxes and automation control of the economic entities.


      The product development, production process, production management, quality assurance and after-sale service as a powerful guarantee.


      Company in shenzhen bao an qu sha jing zheng, in person and the road is highway, very convenient.


      The company was founded in 2008, adhere and follow your guts "knowledge and practical and innovative, unity and struggle" spirit of enterprise, "the technology and first-rate products, excellent quality, service ” is, in the community to support, a company is to further expand domestic market, for the realization of the company's collectivize, entity, targeting, normalization, the goal of unremitting efforts, we warmly welcome all coming person incoming letter discussion service.

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